Friday, October 22, 2010

The Secret of Kells

I just watched The Secret of Kells with my children. Oh, how I wish there were more movies like this!

First of all, the animation is simply exquisite. It's a work of art. The aesthetics alone make the movie worth watching.

However, it's also a lovely family-friendly movie that could be a useful educational resource. The fictional plot beautifully illuminates the history and culture of Medieval Ireland and the creation of the Book of Kells

The movie is also a great way to learn about Insular Art, particularly since the animation of the movie itself mimics the insular style, full of beautiful swirls and spirals.  One of my favorite aspects of this film was the way it explores the laborious process of producing manuscripts in medieval times, from plucking the feathers used as writing implements, to searching for the ingredients in the forest to create ink. It really helps to convey why these documents are so special.

If you haven't seen this Oscar-nominated movie yet, do yourself a favor and watch the trailer.

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