Saturday, September 24, 2011

Felt Party

One evening back in August, I had some fellow homeschool mothers over to make some things for our kids with felt. We had so much fun, we did it again at another mom's house a few weeks later!

My craftsmanship isn't quite where I'd like it to be....but hey - I'm okay with that.  My kids love my creations. And I had a blast making them. Sewing is surprisingly therapeutic!

Felt is such a breeze to work with. It's easy to feel successful making things with felt.....even if you are craft-challenged like me. 

It was wonderful to hang out with my fellow homeschool moms. My pals at Autism and Salvation and Sunrise Learning Lab were there, among others. We got lots of creative inspiration from Counting Coconuts, and we felt like this bloggy-friend was there in spirit.  

I've always loved hanging out with teachers, and I especially love homeschool teachers.  I learned so much at our felt parties, and I left feeling inspired and energized.

Here are some of the things I made....

The button turkey (from Counting Coconuts) and the button spider shown above are great ways for kids to learn how to button. It helps develop dexterity and fine motor strength. Plus, that little turkey face just makes my heart happy when I look at it!

Fraction circles (also from Counting Coconuts) provide a great multi-sensory way for kids to learn about fractions. I'm not crazy about how the fabric paint numbers look.

We made some very inexpensive Montessori-inspired "puzzles" using felt. I will be using these along with some three-part cards to help my kids learn about the parts of a tree, a flower, and a leaf.

Here's the felt continent map I posted about a while back.

Feeling inspired to make something with felt?
Give it a's a lot easier than you might think!


  1. I love the button spider! Awesome idea...I'm pretty sure I see a button spider in our near future! :)

  2. Thanks, Tricia! Little Brother has been on a spider kick lately, and he was ever-so-happy when I presented this to him. Plus, it works for the upcoming Halloween season, too! I can't wait to work on all the other felt-ideas you've given me. :)

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    Hope all is well.