Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dinosaur Match-Up

Little Brother loves dinosaurs. We've been having fun with this simple match-up game. In a basket, I put seven of our toy dinosaur and the corresponding flashcards ($1 from the Target). Whenever the mood strikes him, Little Brother matches up the dinosaurs with the cards.

It was really interesting to watch him race through the first five matches and then take a long pause on the last three, which looked very similar. To my amazement, he ended up getting them the all correct.

Little Brother (3) has always loved dinosaurs. Right now he's really interesting in finding differences and similarities. So this activity is a "perfect match" for him. 


  1. My Luke was a dino fanatic for several years, so I had loads of resources in my computer files. I cannot find them now (STILL sorting after crashes, recovery, etc.) If I do, I will send you some. In the meantime, if you don;t already have it, the Wee Sing Dinosaurs CD and booklet is fabulous for the car!

    Also, we used to do some simple letter and number recognition. Luke would place mini dino figurines on letters based on what their names were, or on numbers, based on if they were bipeds or quadrapeds. He also used to sort omnivores, herbavores and carnivores. All three ideas play nicely into Montessori-type baskets.

  2. Thanks, Martianne! Those are great ideas! Reading your comment made me think...we're having a lot of fun with 3-part cards lately. Maybe I can find (or make) some with dinos.