Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bowling Playdate

We got to bowl for free today thanks to AMF's Summer Unplugged program. We will be receiving a coupon for two free games a week through September 5.

I was little bummed that we had to pay a shoe rental fee of just over $4 for each child. But....I'd say it was worth it just to see how cute they looked in their little bowling shoes.

It was a wonderfully worthwhile playdate with four of our favorite playmates. The children got lots of good physical benefits from their bowling experience:

  • practice with motor planning skills
  • fine motor exercise
  • heavy work

More importantly, they got to play cooperatively with their peers.

The children in the group ranged in age from 2 to 6. They all played so nicely together. By the time each child had taken a couple turns, they all had a pretty good handle on how to play the game. They even kept track of whose turn it was with minimal help from the adults.

My favorite moment was when the oldest boy in the group (who happens to attend a Montessori school) tenderly taught Big Brother the proper way to hold a bowling ball. So sweet!

To find free bowling near you, check out one of these two websites:

Kids Bowl Free
AMF Bpwling Center

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