Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wrapping Christmas Presents

When I saw that our friends at Sunrise Learning Lab were learning to wrap presents during school time, I was inspired to try it myself.

I knew Big Brother would love it. Turns out he did love it! It wasn't coming easily, but he was very engaged and tried very hard. There are so many skills being practiced with this activity. Although Little Brother wasn't too interested in wrapping the presents, he loved opening them....even if they were empty! 

Be sure to check out Sunrise Learning Lab's post, On Our Shelves: December Activities. My Montessori Journey also had a great post about Gift Wrapping Work.


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for the link and shout out. Will add some links to this post and to your gingerbread post over on my blog, too.
    Looks like big Brother had a great time doing this work.
    Need to give you a call. Had to have some unexpected oral surgery and have been a little out of commission the last few days.
    Have to go in today for a follow up, but basically, no solid foods 'til late January.
    Still wanna get together with you and some others, so let's try to touch base tomorrow sometime. We miss seeing you and the boys
    :) Colleen

  2. Rebecca, what a great idea! I know I have some of these smaller boxes in my Christmas wrapping "center", I'll have to include that in some of the works we have out for the rest of the month. Although... time is moving fast... 9 days left to Christmas! Agh!!!

    I'm tossed, however, between putting paper or fabric out... maybe I'll do both. I was thinking it might be easier for S1 (who is 4 with fine motor delay) in the beginning to manipulate a piece of fleece and some fabric tape, as opposed to wrapping paper and clear tape. What do you think?

  3. Colleen - Thanks! I hope you feel better soon!

    Grace - Yes! Fabric would be great. I think the best reason to use it is because it is more eco-friendly. Plus, it may be easier to manipulate (in some ways). Although it might be hard to tape. I use to wrap presents in fabric all the time - I wish I had used it on this project. Next time.