Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Child-Sized Rolling Pin $1

I found a child-sized rolling pin in the dollar section at Target. It's plastic and perhaps a little flimsy, but it's only $1, and it's the perfect size for little hands. It works just like a rolling pin should - the child holds the handles and the middle part rolls.

It's great for play dough activities. Read about my first homemade play dough experience in my post, Christmas Playdough.


  1. ooh I hope they have them at our local target, this will be perfect! thanks for posting = )

  2. Hi Grace! I hope you were able to get them. We are still using ours. Love that dollar section at Target! So many super cheap educational materials.

  3. Actually, my Mom bought him his own mini-cook set, complete with apron and rolling pin for Christmas! He has been asking to help me cook ever since =) Haven't used it on playdough yet, but I'm hoping I'll have some time to make our own this winter. I really like the idea of being able to add glitter or scents. So much less stinky than the commercial stuff.