Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sensory Fun on the Backyard Swings

The backyard (or playground) swings are a great place to get sensory input.

There was a time when Big Brother couldn't tolerate being on a swing at all. Now, after months of doing it in occupational therapy, he's learned to enjoy it.

Little Brother...well, he's always loved the swing and can't ever seem to get enough. "Faster-ter," is what you'll hear him say.

We had lots of good sensory input on this day. We also had lots of good fun!
  • swinging
  • spinning around by twisting the swing
    (be sure to go equally in both directions)
  • hanging upside down
  • the heavy work of pushing & twisting someone else
Big Brother started pushing Little Brother in various shapes - a circle, square, triangle, and oval. He even tried doing an octagon! That was funny to watch.

Take a picture, Momm

Twisting & spinning is the new favorite game.



Then twist & spin Little Brother.


  1. that is really cute, an octagon = ) S1 asked hubby to build him a bedtime tent last night (he's really getting into forts, nests, and tents to sleep in lately) and he asked him to make it shaped like an octagon! hubby was like... "uh... here you go." he stacked a few pillows and placed a blanket over it. obviously not an octagon... but he got involved in the process with him and S1 was content.

    love our sensory kiddos! and the people that love them back = )

  2. My kids are totally into NESTS too! They are constantly getting out a 100 blankets to make their nests!

    That's funny that we were both having adventures with octagons on this day!

  3. Cute photos of the boys having fun outside:)