Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Perfect Pizza This Will Be

Every kid likes pizza, right? Actually, mine never did. Strange but true.

Then a few weeks ago, something switched. Now they can't get enough pizza! Of course, it would be nice if they begged for spinach or carrots. However, I'm just happy that my picky eaters have expanded their horizons a bit.

I've done my best to create a convenient, nutritious and frugal way for us to have pizza at home. Plus, getting the boys involved in the preparation always helps to ensure they will eat it.

If your kids watch Word World, I'm sure you've heard pig sing, "the perfect pizza this will be, using words that start with...."

It's a fun way to teach reading skills while making a meal!

Here's the process we followed to make the pizza. 

Did you know that Eden is one of the few companies to use BPA-free liners?

Little Brother couldn't wait to take a bite out of his pizza!

I'm going to try adding vegetable purees for extra nutrition.

Add cheese and bake until golden brown.

The pizza cutter was a big hit!

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