Friday, November 5, 2010

Mix Colors in a Baggie

During our Orange Extravaganza last week, we made a few attempts to mix yellow and red to make orange. We had fun, but I wasn't sure the point got across completely.

So, I was excited when I read about this awesome idea on ABC's of Jess's House and Teach Preschool for an easy, mess-free way for kids to mix paint colors together!

Just put two or more colors of paint in a baggie, seal it, and let the child go to town. The examples I saw had a pumpkin drawn on the baggie. I decided to draw a leaf (using a cookie cutter as a guide) instead.

We all enjoyed the beauty of the red, yellow, and orange color swirling together. Big Brother said, "This is how leaves look in autumn."

It was super-simple to execute. Even better, it was a very effective way for the children to experience first-hand what happens when you mix colors together. Plus, it's a fun sensory experience to squish the paint around in the baggie with your fingers. I love it, and will definitely be doing this again in the future.

To make this activity more eco-friendly, consider using a recycled baggie. You can rinse out the baggie if it has any food particles in it and then dry it hanging upside down.

By the way, the baggies are now hanging up in the school room with a yellow and red thumb tack.


  1. Benjamin is enjoying all these ideas for a classroom in the future. What a great idea!