Sunday, November 7, 2010

Go Nuts!

This bowl of mixed nuts in the shell kept us occupied in the school room for nearly an hour on Friday.

We learned all about the nuts - names, textures, colors.  Then, of course, we cracked them open, ate them, and discussed the differences in tastes. Unfortunately, the only nut the boys could crack with the nutcracker was the peanut. But they put in a good effort and learned a little about technique.

It gave me a chance to share some memories of my Grandfather, who spent hours shelling pecans into two perfect halves. ♥

We sorted them by type into this muffin tin.

Big Brother has almond-shaped eyes!

Little Brother used the nutcrackers like tongs.

You can get FREE three-part cards for these nuts from Montessori Materials. I wish I had done this, but I don't have a color printer. I probably should get one, since there are lots of free printable resources online.

I noticed on My Montessori Journey's post today that they went nuts as well! I love her idea of incorporating numbers and counting. I think I'll try that next week.

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