Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome Back Autum

Fall has officially arrived. To mark the occasion, I bought a sensory feast at Publix for the children to enjoy first thing this morning. I told them last night there would be a surprise for them. They love the anticipation, and it's a nice way to get the school day started.

  • pumpkins (mini bag of 3) $3.99
  • acorn squash $1.07
  • cinnamon broom $3.99
  • pears (2) $1.00

The nice thing is that we'll will be able to eat much of this later.  Publix also had some lovely wheat stalks for around $3, but I was afraid they'd be too fragile. Maybe next year.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed inspecting all the objects, arranging (and re-arranging) them in a bowl, lining them up, and soaking in all their sensorial delights.

The corns make very interesting instruments (both the husks and the kernels). 

The cinnamon broom is VERY fragrant. A little too much for me, actually. The children didn't seem to mind. It makes my husband hungry.

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