Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet the Raccoons

Hi! My name is Rebecca. This is me, my husband, and our two raccoons (4 and 2 years old).  Welcome to Raccoon School, a blog about my family's homeschool experience.

I hope you will find this blog useful (or at least entertaining). I’m certainly no expert... I’m just a mother foraging for an education that makes sense.

I also hope that you will share your ideas in the comments section or on the facebook page. I would love to hear from you! ♥

My intention is to write short, easily-digestible posts about the following topics:
  • Homeschooling. Let’s face it... all kids are home-schooled to some extent, right?  Although there are a few issues that are unique to us full-time homeschoolers, many of the topics on this blog are relevant to all children and could apply to both a home or school environment.
  • Montessori. Before I had children, I taught in a typical American public elementary school. Now that I’m homeschooling, I decided I might as well learn about the teaching method I’ve always been drawn to, but never really knew much about.... Montessori. I’m currently taking an online class that will help me implement the Montessori method in a homeschool environment and I love what I’m learning!
  • Sensory Processing. Have you ever heard this term before? I certainly hadn’t until a few months ago when I realized my sons have a lot of symptoms associated with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Each day since then I have learned something new about the critical role the senses play in early childhood development (an idea emphasized in the Montessori method, by the way). My approach to parenting and teaching has been revolutionized. In my opinion, anyone who works with children could stand to benefit from knowing more about sensory processing. 
  • Healthy, Green & Frugal. As with everything I do, I homeschool with the goal of being healthy, green and frugal. These just so happen to be the three main topics of my other blog, Healthy, Green & Frugal.
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Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you soon!

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